Glossybox Unboxing – March 2017

How is it already March? Who ordered this? Can we put the breaks on, please?

Ah well, at least another month means another Glossybox. Incidentally, I have a new rule: Unless it’s a pretty special edition box, the box itself now gets recycled. Sure, they’re handy to store stuff in but I’m approaching the point where I have more boxes than stuff, and that doesn’t work. So, lovely though the default pink boxes are, they can’t stay.

This month the theme is making sure you have a great foundation for everything else. That means taking care of your skin and hair first before you start with make-up and styling. Not an awful idea in my opinion. Anyway, let’s get on. What was in this month’s box?

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Brazil nut Oil Pulp Treatment, 30 ml, full-size rrp. £3.95


This deep conditioning treatment smells great and works pretty well. It has grains in it which the Glossybox BeautyNEWS sheet describe as “argan powder particles.” Not something I’ve seen before, but kind of cool. I’m not sure if it’ll replace my go-to deep conditioner but I do like it.

Would I buy it? Sure, that’s a fair price for a good product.

This works in transit camera close-up, rrp. £30


Ok, call me traditional, but I’m not sure I actually want a mark, moisturiser and primer in one. I want to put on a mask after cleansing, let it work its magic for a few minutes and then remove it. I want to put moisturiser on afterwards and let it soak into my skin and then, I want to put on just enough primer to help my makeup look its best. I want to keep that primer on all day until I take my makeup off.

So, I don’t know. It’s a weird idea to me. I tried it and nothing bad happened but I wasn’t totally convinced by it. Sure, maybe “it works” but I don’t know what it does.

Would I buy it? It’s not for me.

Sleek MakeUp Eye and Cheek Palette, rrp. £10

It’s so pretty! Unfortunately, I’ll probably never use it. In spite of the claim that it “ticks all the essentials and you’ll use EVERYTHING,” I almost certainly won’t. The are two cheek colours and four eyeshadows and I rarely use either. Also, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to use together – like, is it intended that I use the pink on my cheeks and those two orangey shades on my eyes? Because if I put orange on my eyes it’ll look like I’ve been crying.

The quality seems pretty good and maybe I just need to experiment more but I suspect I’ll just forget I have it.

Would I buy it? No. I’d look out for their other products but I wouldn’t get one of these.

Figs and Rouge Hydra-Activ Smart Nutrient Vital Moisture Day Cream, full-size rrp. £28


Oh, this is lovely. It’s smooth and rich and doesn’t linger on the skin and it smells good and it blends nicely with my Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate and I like it. So I think this is my favourite item in the box.

On the other hand, I’ve not finished the Nip+Fab moisturiser they sent in January yet, so it’s in the queue.

Would I buy it? I was about to say “yes!” but then I saw the price tag. Oh well.

Oolution Eye Love, rrp. £30

When was the last time I used an eye treatment? Presumably, at 28, there are people who think I should be using one every single day. Well, I am not that organised and can’t entirely commit to caring that much.

However, I do like this one. A few dabs under my eyes either makes them look brighter or tricks me into thinking that they look brighter. I’ve been using it before applying moisturiser and I’m a fan. I think (at least until the tube runs out) I will be using it every day after all. If I start to look 10 years younger you’ll let me know, right?

Would I buy it? Again, too pricey for me, but I do like it.

Not a bad month! I’m going to have the best hair and skin ever by April!


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