Sue Perkins at the Glasgow Comedy Festival

It’s rare that I’m organised enough to remember to book tickets for events at the Glasgow Comedy Festival and that’s a shame. Every year I hear about acts I would have loved to see, long after the event has actually happened. So I was lucky this year that Raj invited me along to a few things, even if there was only one I could actually make it to – Sue Perkins at the King’s Theatre. We went along with a small group on Sunday.

My view of the stage

Now, I don’t really watch Bake Off. I’ve seen it, it’s fine, I just never got into it. However, I used to love Supersizers and I’ve seen Sue in a few other bits and pieces and have always enjoyed them. I also recently read her autobiography, Spectacles.

While there was plenty there to entertain Bake Off fans, especially in the first half, I think you could fairly have described this comedy set as a tie-in for the book. A lot of the same ground was covered and the same stories were shared. No matter, I enjoyed the book and it was nice to hear Sue telling the stories herself. Oh, and fortunately it doesn’t spoil the book either, there are plenty more stories packed in and she didn’t even cover my favourites (don’t worry, no spoilers from me either).

The backdrop – Sue’s book cover

That said, I thought the first half was less entertaining than the second. When she came back on stage after the interval she seemed more confident and, at least to me, funnier. She told a couple more stories and then, very bravely, offered to take questions from the audience.

This was my favourite part. I guess with a comedian so well-practised in improv it makes sense that she’d do well here. Perhaps that’s why I wasn’t so convinced by the first half, because she was, however slightly, constrained to a script. Once she started taking the unpredictable questions from the audience things got a lot more fun.

If you’re not in Glasgow you can still catch Sue in Leeds, Nottingham, York and London (Tickets from Ents24). If you missed out this time then I can’t recommend her book strongly enough. Review coming sometime in the next few weeks (here!).

3 thoughts on “Sue Perkins at the Glasgow Comedy Festival

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 . Interestingly, I tend to prefer less audience interaction, and enjoyed the anecdotes and bits from the book but I’m always a bit scared when Questions From The Audience happen, especially in something like this where the audience may be a bit tipsy. In saying that, the questions were mostly fine and she handled them with aplomb. She is, as you say, very sharp and very funny.

    I had never heard of Supersizers, but I think I may look out for it now.

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