Soap and Glory Take Your Pink set

Yes, I’m still working my way through the lovely things I was given for Christmas, what of it? I just got very spoiled this year, ok? Anyway, now I have an excuse to tell you all about the four products that came in Soap and Glory’s Take Your Pink gift set, so it can’t be all that bad.

The Take Your Pink gift set by Soap and Glory

This set comes with a shower puff, a pot of The Righteous Butter body butter, a tube of Hand Food hand cream, a tube of The Scrub of Your Life body scrub and a bottle of Clean on Me shower gel creme. All are small, travel sized bottles, ideal for putting in your travel bag or just for trying out.

What’s inside

Clean on Me

Clean on Me

I generally prefer shower gels to shower cremes because I want all the bubbles but this one kind of walks the line between the two. The result it loads of bubbles but without it being too drying or harsh on the skin. I’ve also found it works pretty well as a bubble bath in a pinch.

The Scrub of Your Life

The Scrub of Your Life

Ok, so I first used this when I was taking a bath with candles, so it was pretty low light. I squeezed a little out of the tube and looked at the exfoliating particles in the gel. They looked… pink. I mean sure, it’s the pink themed set, but that worried me. To me, pink seemed to suggest plastic microbeads and didn’t we ban those? For being awful? I was ready to be cross, but I’d already squeezed it out of the tube so I decided to use it, just this once and then throw it out.

Now, when I used it it didn’t feel like plastic, it felt sandy. So when I was done with my bath I switched on the lights to check out the ingredients list. Guess what? Hydrated silica! That’s sand, my friends, that’s sand! Phew! We’re all good. I’m glad I get to keep using this one too because it feels like a really good scrub. It’s not messing about.

The Righteous Butter

The Righteous Butter

I like this a lot but it’s not like the world’s richest body butter. It smells lovely but I felt like I had to use quite a lot to feel like I’d moisturised properly. Now, if you prefer lighter moisturisers then that means it’s absolutely for you but for me, a body butter should be super rich and creamy and you should kind of want to use it sparingly. So it’s good, ut not the highlight of the set.

Hand Food

Hand Food

I really lucked out for hand creams this year and thank goodness because doing weights is starting to give me callouses (so sexy, I know). After going to my Saturday weights class this weekend I used a liberal quantity of this stuff and my hands immediately started feeling happier. So yeah, it’s pretty great and smells as good as the rest of the stuff, I just need to remember to use it. I guess it’s going in my gym bag.

So that’s the roundup. Lots of lovely treats here and I’m still so happy and relieved that the scrub didn’t contain microbeads – that would have ruined the whole set for me. This was a Christmas special set but you can pick up any one of these goodies as individual items from Boots all year round.


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