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March round up

Last month I noticed that two of my favourite bloggy friends (Gordon at Happily Imperfect and Siobhan and Siobhan Claude van Damme) were posting monthly round ups. I already have my habit of posting about new things I try each month, but this is a little different. It appeals to my love of generating and raking over data and, as a result, I’ve decided to shamelessly copy them. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery after all, right? I just hope that they don’t mind.

So, with a little pinch of this from Gordon, a little pinch of that from Siobhan, and a little bit of other stuff I’d like to track and talk about, we have my monthly round up. Here we go!

Financial status: I was doing so well! Until I got invited to a hen do and Octoberfest and then lost my Scotrail smart card and had to buy weekly tickets that I hope they’ll refund for me. Ah well, there’s always next month.

Mostly wearing: Trusty blue skinny jeans. I’m going to wear them through soon and then I’ll have the horror of shopping for new jeans and I DON’T WANT TO!

Mostly eating: Soup. I have a real soup habit over lunch right now. It’s quick and cheap and I get a hot lunch without resorting to the burger van.

Mostly drinking: Appleton’s Estate Signature blend with ice and a dash of fresh lime.

Mostly buying: Travel stuff. Still haven’t booked a proper holiday though. I will soon.

Steps taken: Slightly more than 317,709 steps. My Fitbit broke towards the end of this month. I’m trying to fix/replace it.

Major events: I sat down with my boss and told him I need to apply for jobs because my contract is up soon. He was very supportive and said he hoped we’d be able to renew it but that he’d write references etc if I needed them.

Reading done: The Sudden Appearance of Hope by Clare North, The Silmarillion by J R R Tolkein and A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing by Eimear McBride

Films watched: The Nice Guys, Logan, Trainspotting 2 and Theodore Rex and Turner and Hooch as part of a bad movie night.

Turner and Hooch was probably too good a movie to be suitable for a bad movie night, to be honest

Places eaten: North Star (Falkirk), Wee Jenny’s (Falkirk), Taste Buchanan (Glasgow), Cafe Marlayne (Edinburgh), Horn Please (Glasgow), Bo’Vine  (Glasgow), The Crypt (Glasgow), Sportsters (Falkirk), Artisan Tap (Falkirk), The Empress of Broughton Street (Edinburgh), Firbush (Killin), The Milk Barn (Falkirk). And I wonder why I can’t save any money…

Best joke heard:

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Dishes who?

Dishes Sean Connery.

See you next month!

3 thoughts on “March round up

  1. I might pinch this idea too; with a few personal tweaks.

    I am baffled by your decision to watch Turner and Hooch as part of “a bad movie night” though. In my opinion it is one of Hanks’ best. I encouraged “The Boy” (Denise’s 14 year old, skateboarding, long haired, multi-instrument playing geek of a son) to sit and watch it with me this week. He loved it, and despite having seen the film countless times over the years myself, I still wept at the end.
    Turner’s totally anal bedtime routine during the opening routine is brilliant, the stakeout with Hooch is hilarious (as is the fart scene; as funny as the fireside scene from Blazing Saddles), and the dog itself beats the crap out of any number of Dalmatians any day.

    Turner and Hooch is also the reason I first read Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I was curious to see why they chose that particular book for Turner to read at bedtime.

    Any way, I’ve had my say on the matter. I look forward to reading about your July.

    Take care and have fun,


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