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New things I tried in March

Every month I do a quick round up of at least five of the new things I’ve been trying. I find it’s a fun way of looking back on what I’ve been getting up to and a good way to keep track of things. I’ll put links to previous months’ posts at the end of today’s round up.

This March I have tried

  1. Getting started with gardening: Since the start of the month I’ve been planting all kinds of seeds and I’m just now starting to see things appearing. I am going to have entirely too many aubergines to eat. Who wants one? Form an orderly queue.

    Aubergine seedlings!
  2. Food at Taste Buchanan: Having failed to visit Taste Buchanan for months I finally got around to it at the £10 tasting menu event in early March. I then visited twice more before the end of the month, and I’m pretty likely to go to their next £10 tasting menu event in April. You might say I’m hooked.

    Shrimp slider from ShrimpWreck at Taste Buchanan
  3. The Witcher 3: I actually got this game in January but apart from downloading the inevitable updates when I first put the disc in my PS4 I never got time to play it until this month. I’m only about 5 hours in but I’m loving it so far. Expect a review in… Oh, I don’t know, mid-2019? It’s big, ok?
  4. Visiting Loch Tay: Towards the end of the month I gave a talk for new physics graduate students in this glamorous Highlands location and now I need to make an excuse to visit again as soon as possible. It’s easy to forget how beautiful Scotland can be and this was a great reminder.

    Loch Tay actually looked like this when we arrived. It looks like CGI but I promise it’s real. I’m as shocked as you are.
  5. Supervising a project student: Our wonderful Bachelor’s student, A, was coming to the end of her project when our PI Prof Hammond was away at a conference so I spent the week working with her to get the last few results for her project, to get her final report up to scratch and to try to persuade her to do a PhD. If she joins the group as a PhD student we’ll be very lucky and I was glad of the chance to do more supervision, even if it was in an unofficial capacity.

As usual, it’s been a busy month! Also a fun month, but no wonder I’m feeling a bit knackered. Already I’m looking forward to seeing what March will bring.

What have you been up to this month? Have you been trying anything new? Anything I just have to try as soon as possible? Let me know in the comments.

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