The DnD campaign continues…

Well, last time we met for a DnD session we ended with my character begging to be allowed to adopt a roper we met when wandering a dungeon crawling with cultists trying to raise baby dragons. As I mentioned before, this is not typical. Our dear DM did her best to make it happen for me, and I agreed to multi-class as a ranger in order to improve out odds. Sadly, in spite of everyone’s best efforts, as we left our dungeon our new roper friend indicated that he wasn’t crazy about sunlight.

This time we met at Cafe Marlayne rather than Akva. Mostly because of the weird behaviour of that one staff member at Akva last time, who was properly confused by women playing DnD and who kept calling me a rainbow. Not cool, weird guy, not cool. Cafe Marlayne, on the other hand, is totally cool, has staff members who are totally down with (and slightly jealous of) us playing DnD and make a mean Key Lime Pie.

The Key Lime Pie at Cafe Marlayne is on point (and only £3 a slice!)

So, after tearful goodbyes, and promises to return to visit (possibly with factor 50) we reluctantly left our roper behind. After all, we were sent on our mission for a reason and I’m like 60% sure that reason wasn’t to make pals with ropers. I’m up to 65% certain of that.

Anyway, off we went on our merry way, once I’d promised to not Hagrid-Out on hideous, bloody thirsty monsters every opportunity I got. We headed back to report on what we’d found out, noticed that waggons had been moving in the direction of Balder’s Gate, returned some stolen jewels and got told to move on to the next town over to meet with our monk friend and his chums.

How cute are these character sheets? You can find them at

Which we did. When we arrived we were informed that there was a festival the following day. I don’t want to brag, but our party won some sweet prizes in the tournaments (yours truly came first in a cantrips cast off and our dwarven Paladin came second in a pie eating contest and first in a drinking contest).

Before long we were asked to travel on a boat and to help out if things got hairy on board. We brutally slaughtered some alligators and an ogre (which I managed not to adopted) before we ran out of time.

This is us on a boat. Use your imagination, ok?

All in all, I’d say we’re doing pretty good. Now, in a very short time, our DM is off to the US for a holiday and we won’t see her for an entire month. I don’t know how I’ll cope. Fortunately, she’s agreed to meet with us once more before her trip and, as usual, I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “The DnD campaign continues…

  1. Wait, is that character sheet screenshot for your character? From starting at level 1, how on earth (or possibly Greyhawk) have you managed to get +5 dex already. Also, aren’t you playing a wizard? Why on earth do you have such a high dex?? Er, I mean, yes, the sheets are very sweet (I had a look at the website, actually, and may end up getting my GM some of that for his Christmas 🙂 ).

    And I’m very disappointed that you didn’t get to keep your roper buddy. Maybe one of your character’s long-term goals could be to research a spell that you can cast on him permanently to protect him from the sunlight?

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    1. Haha, no, it’s not my character sheet, don’t worry 😛
      That sounds like a good plan. I’m definitely going to continue with developing both wizard and ranger skills, and, hopefully at least, the next time I try to make friends with a critter I’ll be more successful.


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