Champneys Spa Favourites gift set

What is it about Champney’s products that make them feel so luxurious? Is it the long history of the health spa? Is it that certain Champney’s individuals have been awarded OBEs? Is it that everything smells amazing? I have no idea. I just know that when I get Champneys products they tend to make me happy.

This gift set contains four lovely treats. A Little Pick Me Up  Body Butter, A Little Pick Me Up Daily Scrub, As Good As New Shower Cream and As Good As New Hand Cream.

A Little Pick Me Up Body Butter

A Little Pick Me Up Body Butter

Maybe I shouldn’t start with this but I will anyway. It’s the absolute highlight of the set. It smells amazing, all citrusy and fresh, and it is so so so smooth. I want to dunk myself in it head to toe. It’s my favourite body butter/body moisturiser right now and I do not say that lightly.

A Little Pick Me Up Daily Scrub

A Little Pick Me Up Daily Scrub

This, sadly, isn’t quite as great as the matching body butter. It still smells great, but this formula doesn’t hold the scent quite as well. Also, perhaps because it’s intended for daily use, I don’t actually find the scrub all that exfoliating. There’s a bit of grittiness to it, but honestly, I couldn’t tell that it had done much. If you are using a scrub every day it probably works fine but that’s just not my style

As Good As New Shower Cream

As Good As New Shower Cream


This breaks with the citrusy scents to go a little more musky and lavender-ish. Still delicious and it foams nicely but being a shower cream rather than a gel it doesn’t lather quite well enough to double as a bubble bath. So, luxurious, but not that luxurious (because bubbles in a bath are a pretty fundamental luxury). I like it but it but it’s not quite becoming my favourite.

As Good As New Hand Cream

As Good As New Hand Cream

This is definitely good. How lucky have I been with hand creams lately? I feel like I have no excuse for the calluses on my hands anymore (I do, and that excuse is weight lifting, but still). As with the body butter, the hand cream holds the scent really well and it lasts a fair while without being overpowering. The formula is lovely and rich without being greasy and it’s basically everything I want in a hand cream. Oh, plus it contains an SPF and is good for your nails.

So another wonderful set. And yes, this is another one I got for Christmas and you probably can’t pick it up outside the Christmas period. However, each individual item is available for sale. I reckon your best bet is Boots.


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