Five eggsellent Easter nail polish shades

See what I did there? Oh whatever, it was that or eggstravagant. Although, it now occurs to me that we’ve all been missing out on an extra pun level by not being Sean Connery when we talk about Eggsellent Easter stuff.


Anyway, moving swiftly on. Originally this was going to be a selection of lovely pastel shades for Spring nails, and that is still partly true, but as I was going through my collection of polishes I realised I’d chosen Easter egg colours and since Easter is this weekend I figured that that would be even more fun.


With all of the polishes, I used Artistic Colour Revolution’s Reactive Base Coat and Top Coat. In most cases, I used just two coats of colour, but both the Nails Inc and the Ciaté needed three because they were such pale shade. So, without any further ado, here are the five polishes hunted down:

Rimmel London I ♥ Lasting Finish; Pear Drop (703)


While I’m not, in general, a huge fan of Rimmel’s makeup, their polishes are pretty great on a budget. This one is by far the least pastel-y, brightest polish that I chose for this list, but I think it offsets the other shades pretty well. It’d be a great choice if you have more skill than me and wanted to add some detail to an Easter-themed piece of nail art. It’s very highly pigmented, I could probably have got away with just one coat, it’s fast drying, and in spite of being a year old, it hasn’t gone remotely gloopy with age. Not bad for ~£3.

Beauty UK Peach; from a selection of six from Superdrug


This is a gorgeous, warm peachy colour. It almost makes me hungry. It doesn’t have quite the same great consistency that the Rimmel polish did, but it’s easy enough to apply, packs a punch on pigmentation and drys fairly quick. It’s an ideal pastel shade for any Spring or Easter themed look, but being peach you could probably wear it well into Summer.

Nails Inc; Warwick Avenue


Right, Nails Inc, I’ve got a bone to pick. I get that this polish is probably really intended for French manicures, and for French manicures, the pigmentation would probably be fine, but I didn’t want a French manicure, I wanted pink nails. So that meant I needed three, quite thick coats before I felt like I had a solid colour. Which meant it took more than 30 minutes to set. Which meant I (obviously) smudged it and had to start again. I’m sorry, but I’ve got places to be. This is ridiculous.

Anyway, it’s Nails Inc, so you know the quality is on point and it’s a lovely shade but if you’re in a hurry, pick something else.

Ciaté mini; a duck egg blue polish from a selection of six at Boots


Like the Nails Inc polish, this one took three coats. Unlike the Nails Inc polish, it set fairly rapidly. Maybe it’s just a thinner polish? Anyway, it’s a strong contender for my favourite of the lot. It’s a lovely duck egg blue, very Easter-y, slightly powdery or chalky, very delicate. When I was done painting my nails I almost took all the polish off and started again just with this one. Almost.

Nail Polish by H&M; Mint Madness


Want to know a secret? I love H&Ms polishes. They’re inexpensive, they come in a great range of colours, they’re pigmented to high heaven, the formula is great, they set quickly and they last well. This one in Mint Madness is no exception. Honestly, I’d have a hard time deciding whether I prefer this or the Ciaté and you know the Ciaté has a higher price tag. I adore the minty green colour of this one, it’s so pretty and fresh, and reminds me of new spring greenery.

So there we have it. I hope you have enjoyed this Eggstravaganza. I will now spend the next few days having to explain to people why my nails are five different colours. That’s fine though because I look like an Easter egg.


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