Dinner at Felicity’s, Whiting Bay, Arran

Last weekend P and I decided to make a slightly impromptu trip to the Isle of Arran, to take advantage of the long Easter weekend. We stayed in a truly charming guest house in Whiting Bay, just a few miles down the coast from Brodick. Whiting Bay is a small town (maybe you’d even call it a village) and, being the Easter weekend, a lot of places were closed. Those that weren’t, were busy.


Nevertheless, we managed to find Felicity’s, the restaurant attached to another guest house, Eden Lodge. After a little thought about where they were going to seat all of their guests who had had the foresight to book a table, they decided that they probably could just about fit us in, provided that we promised to give the table back after two hours. No problemo.


Part of the menu


Since we’d booked the trip (admittedly, less than a week before travelling) I’d had my heart set on eating fish and chips in view of the sea. I didn’t care whether it came from a fish and chip shop, a cafe, restaurant, bar, or, frankly, off the back of a truck – it was my one goal for the weekend. Felicity’s had fish and chips on the menu, so that made ordering very easy. I also decided to get the mussels as a starter, since they were on special.




Meanwhile, P chose the Spring vegetable soup with wild garlic (very brave for him, being as fussy as he is) and the Easter lamb for his main dish. We ordered a bottle of wine and got comfy.

This is a nice cosy restaurant serving good food. They cater well to families, we saw a few groups with kids, who were mostly very well behaved, but the staff were unphased when they were noisy or excitable. It’s easy to see why the place is popular, and I’ve no doubt it’s just as busy most evenings.

Starters arrived. P’s soup was very green and I was proud of him for diving straight in anyway. Later, when we were out walking, I found some wild garlic to show him. I’ll get him brave enough to eat foraged food eventually. My mussels were amazing. They were large, fresh, and full of flavour. I guess that’s the advantage of being on an island.


Fish, chips, minted peas, tartar sauce, lemon wedge. Yep, that’ll do.


My main meal didn’t disappoint. The fish was tender and perfectly cooked in a light, crisp batter on a very generous bed of chips, with tartar sauce and minted peas. Absolutely exactly what I’d hoped for. P’s lamb came with steamed broccoli (what a waste, it looked lovely, but there was no chance he’d eat it) roasted potatoes and lots of rich gravy.

Even if we’d had the table for longer, there was no way we would have been hungry enough to get dessert. That said, I saw a few being delivered to other tables, and the ice cream sundae looked particularly good. We lingered a little over the last of the wine, feeling happy and full. If I found myself back in Whiting Bay, I’d definitely return to Felicity’s.

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