April round up

Last month I tried writing a round up for the first time, having stolen the idea from Gordon and Siobhan. It worked, I liked writing it, and I think it fits nicely with my Trying New Things posts, so I’m doing it again this month.

Without any further ado, here’s my April round up:

Financial status: Scotrail refunded me for the tickets I had to buy when I lost my smartcard last month! And I got my breakthrough prize money right at the end of March! And I made a little money with some freelance writing! So you’d think it’d be all good, right? Well, I had to buy a suit, and dye my hair brown, and go to a hen do, so while I might be in the black, I’m not exactly rolling in it either.

Mostly wearing: Shorts and skirts! Now the weather is good enough that I don’t have to wear walking boots whenever I leave the house I’m starting to wear jeans very slightly less often. I’m still wearing the thickest tights I can find, though.

Mostly eating: I’ve recently discovered that Tesco does chicken caesar salads in their salad section and they’re actually really good. I’m obsessed. They’re way better than anything in the meal deal.

Mostly drinking: Coffee. I feel like I’ve needed gallons of it this month. I guess I’ve been busy.

Mostly buying: We finally booked a holiday! It only took me, what, 5 months? We’re off to Croatia in May and I can’t wait. So yeah, that’s another place that a bunch of my money went this month.

Steps taken: About 350,000. Not bad.

Major events: P’s sister is getting married in July so I went on her hen do. Also, Rhys and Louise are getting married in July as well and their invitation came through. My notice that my contract is up at the end of June arrived, which was a bit depressing, but I’ve been sending out applications and have had some possibly promising responses.

Reading done: Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee, The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge, The Sellout by Paul Beatty and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Films watched: Embrace of the Serpent which was a bit of a random one P found on Netflix, but it was very, very good… and that’s all. I have not had much time for film view this month which is a shame because there’s been a lot I wanted to see.

Places eaten: The Admiral Bar (Glasgow),  Taste Buchanan (Glasgow), Cafe Marlayne (Edinburgh), Artisan Tap (Falkirk), The Bridge 49 Cafe (Linlithgow), The Basement Bar (Edinburgh), Canton Chinese (Falkirk), The Burlington Guest House (Arran), Felicity’s (Arran), The Douglas (Arran), Colquhoun’s (Luss)


Best joke heard:

A panda bear walks into the bar. He manages to climb up onto a stool. The bartender sheepishly makes his way over. “Hey, what can I get you?” “I’ll have a………………………………….beer.” “Why the big pause?” The panda looks at his hands, shrugs and says “I don’t know, I was born with them.”

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