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Takeaway: Noor’s, Falkirk

love Indian food. In Glasgow, I used to live very close to India Quay, for my money the best Indian restaurant in the city, but certainly in the top 3. Since I lived so close by, I was often there, either dining in the restaurant or picking up a takeaway. However, even the proximity of a brilliant restaurant never stopped me from trying out as many of the others as I could.

In Falkirk, I have so far found one reliable Indian takeaway and that’s Noor’s. I think we’ve ordered from there about four times and every time the food has been absolutely top notch. The only downside is that they don’t have sit-in premises, otherwise my waistline and bank balance would both be in severe danger.


Our latest order from Noor’s. The picture is slightly blurry because if I had taken any long to take it I would have risked missing out on pakora.


Noor’s deliver through JustEat. They offer a great menu, including all the classics as well as a few unexpected options. For example, my favourite of their curries is their “special masala” which features a wonderful blend of spices, a smooth sauce and… egg. Sound weird, right? It is. It’s also amazing.

We ordered last Friday. I chose the special masala with lamb, P chose the Punjabi masala, a curry that’s packed with tomatoes and green peppers, and we decided to get a portion of chicken pakora to share. All of their curries come with rice as standard and honestly, I’m never sure if this is a good thing or not. On the one hand, it’s cheap, on the other, if the curries didn’t come with rice I’d tend towards ordering one portion of rice and one naan bread. If I ordered a naan bread as well it would be way too much food.

You see how far I’m having to go to find a way to criticise this place? Too much food… who even am I?

The pakora were huge, succulent and delicious. I must persuade P to let me order the mushroom pakora instead one day, I’m a massive mushroom fan, and I bet Noor’s ace them. Anyway, in spite of us receiving an enormous portion of enormous pakora, when I fell asleep, P was hungry enough to eat all of the leftover ones. Without me. Without even asking me. We’re still fighting.

My special masala was delicious as usual and having tried P’s Punjabi masala, I have to say that I might try that next time. It’s fairly hot, but the tomatoes and peppers make it taste really fresh.


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