Glossybox unboxing – May 2017

This month’s Glossybox arrived just in time before I went on holiday. Aren’t I lucky? Also, after my whinging last month that I always miss Royal Mail when they try to deliver my box, they the glossies seem to have switched to a different courier, who kindly left it with a neighbour. Result!

However, it was another weird one. Last month I had some products missing, this month they listed one different product to the one I actually received. I’ve been in touch and sadly they’re out of the product they meant to spend but have promised a replacement soon. Anyway, nevermind. Let’s see what I got!


Scrub Love Detoxifying Activated Charcoal Body Scrub, rrp. £13.95


Ok, first things first: This is probably the best scrub I currently own. It’s a great exfoliator and, since it’s charcoal it’s 100% natural. I’m actually considering putting the used scrub in compost for my plants. It’s also very black, expect to clean up a mess in the bathroom after using it. Not that it isn’t worth it – just that you should be forewarned. Only downside? The usual nonsense about detoxing. I’ve ranted about this often enough before so I’m not going into it here but, seriously, come on.

Would I buy it? You know, I might. It’s a big generous bag and a little goes a long way. £13.95 seems a bit steep for a scrub but I think it’s worth it.

Caudalie Paris Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet full-size rrp. £23


Another month, another moisturiser. Don’t get me wrong – I love moisturisers. This one ain’t bad. It smells quite nice, kind of floral, and it’s fairly light. I’m currently using the Figs and Rouge Hyper-Activ moisturiser from March’s box and, I have to say, that one seems to go a lot further than this one. Still, if you prefer a lighter day cream, you could do worse than this.

Would I buy it? Nah. £23 is way too steep for a moisturiser that’s just fine.

Daily Concepts Exfoliating Body Scrubber, rrp. Idk?


Right, this is the product I got when I should have expected a Girl Meets Brush EyeShadow Blending Brush. Clearly, this is not an eyeshadow brush. It’s a particularly lovely exfoliating body scrubber and it’s amazing in the shower with a good glob of your favourite shower gel or body wash. As the packaging notes, it is great for travel (I took this with me on holiday and used it every day). The smart technology advertised comes in the form of a label – the writing on the label slowly washes away and when it’s gone it’s time to replace the scrubber, which is kind of a cool idea even if I’ll obviously ignore it and end up replacing it month laters when I finally remember.

Would I buy it? Possibly. However, since it wasn’t supposed to be in my box I have no idea what it would actually cost and as much as I’d love to pretend that money is no object that simply isn’t true. Let’s say I’d pay £10 for it.

Ruby Blush, rrp. €7.95


What a pretty, summery colour! It’s a teeny tiny pot but, as with all good blushes, a little does seem to go a long way. I’ve been dabbing a touch over my cheekbones and I have to say that I’m a fan. It’s such a pretty shade, though, that I can easily see myself using it as an eyeshadow as well.

Would I buy it? Sure.

Dr Paw Paw Original Balm, rrp. £6.95


I actually already have a Dr PawPaw balm! But I have a slightly peachy coloured one. This one is colour free, fragrance-free and a lot more like a posh vaseline than like a shimmery lip and cheek… thing. So yeah, I quite like it and I think I’ll be using it mostly for dry lips, but also for cuticles before I paint my nails.

Would I buy it? I think I would! It’s a lovely formula and it’s very versatile, so I think it’s worth the price.

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