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Getting to know each other

Not long ago I took part in a Twitter game which I’d seen a few other people doing. Not the kind of thing I normally do, but what I’d been reading from others was interesting. I shared this image:

Get to know me
Get to know me! For every like, I will tweet a confession/fact about myself!

To my surprise, a fair number of people responded. I’m always worried when I share these things no one will respond and I’ll just end up quietly deleting the tweet and pretending it never happened. Not so this time! So, suddenly I had to actually come up with (hopefully) interesting facts about myself.

Since these facts went down quite well, I thought I’d also share them here:

  1. I love reading and usually have a book with me. I get through roughly one book per week (52 in the last 12 months, according to GoodReads)
  2. I am coulrophobic. It’s not funny. Don’t test me by showing up in a clown mask.
  3. I used to listen to music near constantly, then my Sony Ericson Walkman phone (oh yes!) broke in 2009 and I never got back in the habit.
  4. I am mildly allergic to cloves – it makes drinking mulled wine at Christmas and eating certain Chinese food risky behaviour.
  5. I’d like to write a popular* science book one day but I’m not yet over the trauma of writing my thesis.
  6. I quite like picking up heavy things and putting them down again. I’m not very good at it, but it’s satisfying to be getting stronger.
  7. I have trichotillomania and now I’ve remembered I’ll spend the rest of the day wanting to pull out my hair. Putting it in a braid helps.
  8. I love chocolate and I quite like mint but putting the two together is disgusting. Even in After Eights. Even in ice cream.
  9. As well as getting songs stuck in my head I also get phrases or even single words stuck in my head sometimes.
  10. I think the best thing about research is that moment of discovery when you know something no one else has ever known before.
  11. I think the worst thing about research is the job insecurity that plagues postdocs.
  12. There is no known limit to the quantity of lasagne I can eat.
  13. I’m quite sociable and outgoing but I really, really hate crowds.
  14. I once tried to learn Russian. I can still remember a few basic words but I never got near fluency.
  15. I like to keep my spaces really neat. Mostly because I’m clumsy and mess makes me more likely to break stuff.
  16. One of the reasons I got into physics is because I was told it was very masculine and would probably be too difficult for me. Lol.

With the amount of time I spend on social media, you’d think that I was actually besties with everyone I spoke to. I am not. In general, I’m in favour of social media and even if I weren’t it wouldn’t matter because it’s not going anywhere. However, I am aware that it’s a poor substitute for real, in-depth, personal social interaction, and I think little things like this can help to fix that a bit. Oh, and it’s fun!

Feel free to join in on Twitter and share the picture too. If you do and let me know your Twitter username (I’m @BeckyDouglas) then I’ll totally get involved and will check out the facts you post.


*I mean, I hope it’d be popular.


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