Five Weeks of Freedom – How I’m spending my time

Since I’m between jobs in a good way I have five weeks off (I posted about this earlier). The truth is, I don’t handle boredom well. I think with all the resources available to me and all the things I could be doing, I have no excuse to be bored.

Since I’m not super well off and I don’t want to go into (any more) debt, travelling and large scale projects are out. So I need to find things to do with my time that I’ve either already paid for, that are free, or that are relatively cheap. Ideally, they should also be rewarding – I could watch TV 8 hours a day without increasing my expenditure but… ah, who am I kidding I could never watch 8 hours of TV. I can barely manage two episodes in a row before I start bouncing off the walls.

So what am I doing? Well, for one thing, I’m trying to get a little exercise. I’m used to walking around a fair bit during my day to day life and that’s easy to miss out on if you’re not working. Plus, since I’m not buying a monthly train ticket, or a monthly subway ticket, I can’t justify the cost of travelling to AG Fitness Training to do Ladies that Lift anymore (sob!) So I’m going out of my way to make sure I get at least my 10,000 steps a day in (thanks, Fitbit!) Yesterday it was kind of nearly sunny, so I took a walk along the Union Canal to get some fresh air. It helps that my friends on Fitbit are addicted to weekly challenges and, even if I’m not first, I don’t want to be last.


Ok, maybe not the sunniest day ever, but not the worst day either


I’m also taking advantage of being able to structure my own days however I like, and I’m taking on a few 30-day challenges. Firstly, Erin Motz’s 30 Days of Yoga, which I’ve started a few times over (like, about 3 times a year since 2015) but never yet finished. I’m also doing a 30-day squat challenge and a 30-day abs challenge. I’m wondering if I should add an arms workout too. Disclaimer: As I write I’m only on day 3 of freedom and day 4 of the challenges, so don’t be too shocked if my optimism and determination take a nosedive before the end of the month.

Since I’ve lost an hour of commuting time, I’ve lost an hour of reading time, so I’m literally setting a timer and allowing myself to read for one hour each day. The timer is necessary because if I don’t set it I’ll just spend the entire day reading. Not that that would be the worst thing ever, but I don’t want to do it too often.

Whenever the weather is dry I’m trying to get into the garden. I’ve now moved all my herbs and vegetables off the windowsills and onto the decking outside. 99% are still in pots and will likely stay that way, but most are going to need bigger pots and I think I’m going to have to bit the bullet and dig a real vegetable patch. I know a raised bed would be a better idea but remember, I need to at least try to keep costs down and I don’t have the resources for that kind of project just lying around.

I’m gaming too. So far I’ve lost about 2 hours a day to a combination of Civ V (my PC doesn’t have the spec for VI) and The Witcher III. Gaming is another way I could accidentally lose entire days if I’m not careful, so I’m trying to avoid it until I’ve worked through my daily to-do list. The to-do list tends to include household tasks – after all, I’ve just won 8 hours a day and P still has to go to work, I feel like it’s only fair that I take on the bulk of the chores for a while. It works though – if I clean the kitchen first it feels like I’ve earned my gaming session.

I still haven’t been to the cinema yet, but I kind of hope I will soon, maybe even today if Amazon shows up with a delivery in the next couple of hours. I’ve also blogged less than you’d think, but I do tend to write blogs in bursts as inspiration strikes, so I expect that will change. So far I’ve kept busy enough to stave off boredom, but I’ve got a few more ideas up my sleeve, just in case that changes.

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