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Dinner at Torres Tapas

Before the trip to see The Red Shoes at the King’s Theatre last Tuesday, we stopped for a bite to eat at Torres Tapas on Sauchiehall Street. Torres is a restaurant I have walked past countless times, always wanted to try and never quite got around to it, so when Raj suggested it I was very much up for the idea.


Torres is the sister restaurant to Kama Sutra, the Indian restaurant also on Sauchiehall Street. It’s a little more petite and has a different aesthetic, but it shares the same welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff.


A massive portion of anchovies


Raj had booked through their 5 pm offer, which meant we got three tapas each, plus a dessert for £12.95, with a small supplement for any seafood dishes. Given the dietary requirements of certain members of our party, we decided to just order for ourselves, rather than going for the standard mix-and-match sharing style of dining.


I ate more than half of my mushrooms before I remembered to take this picture. Ooops.


I selected the Anchovies in parsley, olive oil and vinegar, the grilled chicken salad and the garlic mushrooms. I then practically jumped on each dish as they arrived, only remembering to take pictures after I’d already tried them. Ooops. Sorry, but it all looked so good!


Again, I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally dug into my grilled chicken salad before I could stop myself.


Of these, I think the anchovies were a highlight. Sometimes, the simplest dishes are, and this was no exception. I got a very generous portion of fresh anchovies, in just the right ratio of olive oil and vinegar and I savoured every morsel. The mushrooms were a pretty standard affair. The salad was pretty darned good, although there was slightly more dressing on it than I might have chosen, it was flavourful and the chicken was tender and delicately seasoned.


Creme Catalan

The dessert turned out to be Creme Catalan, a Spanish style Creme Brulee, that was sweet, velvety smooth, creamy and delicious. Also pretty. I’d definitely look out for this dish in future.

All in all not bad for £12.95. I’d had a glass of their Tempranillo with my food and finished my meal with a small espresso and still managed to get change back from £20, which isn’t to be sniffed at for good food this close to the city centre. More fool me for never having visited before.


2 thoughts on “Dinner at Torres Tapas

  1. We try to look for new and interesting places to go for dinner before going to the theatre, but so often we just end up back at Torres. The food is very tasty and it’s very reasonably priced so the incentive levels are low (though we really should).


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