Gardening update – June

Summer is well and truly here. In Falkirk, that means it still rains a lot, but it’s warmer now and we have occasional, unexpected, glorious days of blistering sunshine. The sunny days more than make up for the rainy ones.


The plants are enjoying the situation as much as I am. This time last month I was putting off repotting seedlings and moving all the windowsill plants outside, mostly because I had a holiday planned. Now, the job is done. Every plant that wasn’t already outside has been well and truly evicted.


Chives, basil and two types of parsley. I should probably cook something…


So my decking is now pretty crowded with pots. I’ve started moving the aubergine plants into long rectangular pots, four at a time. They seem happy enough but it’s slow progress. Since I don’t drive, I can only carry about 2 or 3 of these pots at a time. I can also only carry one bag of compost at a time. It’s a good thing I have a lot of days off right now.


Pepper plants


Meanwhile, I finally caved and dug a border. This is my celeriac patch and it was just barely (read: probably not quite) big enough for the whopping 90 plants I ended up with. Seriously – my main lesson this year is to not plant all my seeds. Sure, you don’t always get a 100% success rate, but you can easily get an 80% success rate and end up with more seedlings than you know what to do with.


Alongside these, the strawberries are finally starting to show some enthusiasm, although I don’t think I can expect fruit anytime soon. The current is cheerful and the herbs are absolutely thriving. The spring onions look ok, I’m starting to wonder if they’ll get much bigger or if I should just give in and harvest them. The peas are basically triffids. I have given up trying to control them. They own me know.

Something in the garden is eating the cucumber plants, which is kind of a shame, but I’ve had so much luck elsewhere that I’m not losing too much sleep over it. Finally, the peppers are looking very cheerful and will want re-potting again soon.

Phew! It all happens at once, doesn’t it?


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