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A second tasting menu event at Taste Buchanan

In March I went along to a £10 tasting event at Taste Buchanan in the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow. The premise was simple: £10 would get you a stamp card and you could then show this to each of the five vendors at Taste Buchanan – they’d give you one of their trademark dishes and a stamp and then you could move onto the next vendor.


Stamp card and chicken dippers from Slo Barbecue


I think it’s a great idea for a place like this. With a focus on street food and businesses rotating ever few months, it’s a fantastic way to try a little bit of everything and get a solid overall impression of what’s available at any given time. So I was well up for it when I heard there was going to be a second event.

Since last time, every vendor has changed except Daizy Delicious (which might be the one permanent one? I’m not sure). And, I have to say, I badly miss Shrimp Wreck, Sunshine Kitchen and Loaded Fries. I’d miss Taco Mazama too, but they have other branches that are already pretty handy for me.

The new restaurants are: Hot Stuffed Bread Company, Slo Barbecue, Mama’s Natural Fast Food Kitchen and the Hug and Pint.

The Hot Stuffed Bread Company does Buntzles. Literally, bread baked with the filling right inside. They’re soft and buttery and so so satisfying. It’s the ideal comfort food. They were offering a choice of savoury bunztles and a choice of sweet bunztles. I got the salmon with asparagus and hollandaise for my savoury choice and the bacon with maple syrup and pecans for my sweet choice. The salmon was amazing, the sweet was less my speed, but the other option was banoffee pie and bananas are gross so… no.


Chicken and chorizo hot pot with infused rice from Mama’s Natural Fast Food Kitchen


At Slo Barbecue we got buttermilk chicken dippers with chipotle mayo. Honestly, I could probably just eat my entire weight in these. Then, at Mama’s Natural Fast Food Kitchen I got chicken and chorizo hotpot with infused rice. I picked up black pepper aubergine with pickled cucumber and rice from the (all vegan) Hug and Pint and completed my set. Yum. I have no idea how I’ll choose what to eat next time I’m there. Just everything, I guess.


Black pepper aubergine with pickled cucumber and rice from The Hug & Pint


Finally, Daizy Delicious provided the lightest, fluffiest pancakes ever with a choice of toppings. I went with fresh fruit and maple syrup and could not have been happier. I was already a fan of this place, but it’s good to know that the standards are still so high.


There’s always room for pancakes


Taste Buchanan is fast becoming my favourite place in the town centre to just grab a quick bite to eat, especially when I’m shopping. Hopefully, when all the restaurants rotate out again there will be another event to try the new ones, because I definitely want to keep up to date on this.

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