July roundup

July is already over? How? No! Bring it back! Ugh. Ok, it has been a busy month and it’s now time to look back and summarise what’s been going on. Here we go!

Financial status: Ok, kind of iffy. Afterall, I did only work from the 17th of July this month. I’ve got enough savings to tide me over until I get paid at the end of August, so it’s not disastrous but I’ll need to be careful for the next few weeks.

Mostly wearing: Smarty pants office wear for my new job! Some days I manage to look almost swanky, usually I still just look awkward – I haven’t had much practice at this yet but I’m working on it.


Mostly eating: Y’know, it has been a good month for street food. I got some at the Leeds producers market and at the Trinity Kitchen and some at The Three Sisters pub in  Edinburgh. Oh, and I finally got to eat some of the veggies I’ve been growing in my garden. Woohoo!

DSC_0670 (1)

Mostly drinking: Coffeeeeeeeeeeeee

Mostly buying: Wedding stuff! Dresses! Accessories! Gifts! Because two amazing weddings happened this month.

Steps taken: ~440,000

Major events:

  • Started my new job!
  • P’s sister got married!
  • Rhys and Louise got married!

Reading done: Decipher by Stel Pavlou, The Immortals by S. E. Lister, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchel, A Practical Guide to Drafting Patents by Gwilym Roberts, and I’m part way through both Earth: The Power of the Planet by Iain S Stewart and Leave it to Psmith by P G Wodehouse and I started Wolf Hall by Hillary Mantel.

Films watched: Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee (on Netflix), Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press (on Netflix), Baby Driver, Spiderman Homecoming

A man walks into a library and orders fish and chips.

The librarian says, “This is a library.”

The man, says, “Oh. Sorry.” (Then in a whisper) “I’d like some fish and chips.”

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