Product review: Nyx Green Tea Blotting Paper

My daily routine has changed a lot since I got a new job. I went from working approximately 9-5 in jeans and a t-shirt, to doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, dressed however I wanted, to working a strict 9-5:30 in business attire. While there’s nothing in my contract about it, and I doubt my boss cares, I feel like if I’m dressing well I should make the effort and wear a little makeup too. Honestly, I like to try to look the part, even if I still don’t really know what I’m doing yet.

Anyway, since I previously only wore makeup about once or twice a week, this is taking some adjusting to. I’m having to be really careful to look after my skin to avoid breakouts and I need to make sure I get to bed on time because 15 minutes putting on makeup is 15 minutes I can’t be hitting snooze.

Now, I don’t know if it’s the new routine, a change of cleanser or just plain old hormones, but at the moment my skin is getting really oily. I don’t really want to add any extra powder to get absorb and hide the oil because that’ll just clog my pores but I also don’t want to sit around with a shiny nose. I’m no Rudolph. My solution was to try out some cosmetic blotting paper and I started with Nyx.


In the branch of Boots I visited, Nyx offered three alternative blotting papers: Fresh Face, Tea Tree and Green Tea. I immediately honed in on the green tea option because I hate the smell of Tea Tree, love the smell of Green Tea and didn’t have time to figure out what Fresh Face was, presumably it’s just the regular unscented version.

Each pack costs £5.50 and contains 100 sheets of super fine, “fortified pulp paper infused with salicylic acid.” That sounded good – I have no idea whether or not green tea is good for the skin, but salicylic acid is well known as an acne treatment, so these sheets are likely to do more than just absorb excess oil, they’ll also help me to avoid spreading any bacteria that might cause spots.


In appearance, the papers are really thin, almost transparent, and pale green with flecks of… tea? I don’t know. It says they’re pulped paper which makes me think they might be recycled (or at least recyclable) so maybe that’s where the flecks come from. They also smell vaguely tea-ish, certainly botanical and slightly sweet. They feel a bit powdery, but no powder comes off on my fingers when I pick them up, so I’m uncertain whether they have actually got any powder on them or if they just have a slightly odd texture.

Oh, and you know what? They work absolute marvels. A few quick dabs across my t-zone and my skin is back to perfect matte. They don’t remove the makeup I’m wearing, either, which I was a bit worried about. I need two sheets to do my t-zone and forehead, which is where I get the most oil but that should mean these still last me ages. They will not be leaving my handbag until the packet is finished. I call that a win.

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