Glossybox unboxing – August 17

August has arrived and with it the second in the two-part summer box theme that Glossy Box is running this year. I like this theme and I like the presentation of the boxes, it’s just a shame that while Glossy Box assert that “girls just wanna have sun” this has been the wettest August I can remember for a long time. Nevermind, at least I can still have some beauty treats. Let’s see what was in the box!



SportFX Time Out Face Mist + Fix, rrp. £5.99


This is the kind of product that usually makes me want to ask, “what’s the point?” If I’ve been in the gym, getting my sweat on, and I want to cool down and freshen up, I take a shower like everyone else. This spray cannot and should not replace a shower. However, the box suggests it also fixes makeup, so I gave it a try for that. It is sooooo refreshing. You still shouldn’t use it instead of a shower, but seriously. It’s lovely. It doesn’t do a bad job of fixing makeup either, but honestly, I’ve found out what the point is – it feels nice.

Would I buy it? Ah, probably not. It’s growing on me but I’m not totally sold yet.

Modellauncher Safari Sun Bronzer, rrp. £16.50


Um. Ok. I’m really not a bronzer person. The August edit suggested that summer makeup isn’t complete without the perfect bronzer but… it’s fine without it. I’m pale all year round, you guys and any attempt to pretend otherwise is ill advised. Still, I had a quick go and it didn’t make me orange. It also didn’t really do much else. Maybe I should have put more on, but I really want to avoid getting tangoed. This one isn’t going to get much use.

Would I buy it? No. Do you want it?

Valquer Ice Hair Mask, Total Repair, full-size rrp. 14.99


So you’re supposed to use this every now and then instead of your regular conditioner. It has a “cooling effect” and you leave it on damp (not wet) hair for 2 or 3 minutes before rinsing off. Now, I’m sorry if I’m asking too much, but that’s a faff. That means I have to get in the shower, wash my hair, get out of the shower, squeeze some of the water out of my hair, then put on the mask, then wait 2 or 3 minutes, then get back in the shower. If you have the commitment to do that you’re a better person than me. Or maybe you’re just not as busy.

So, compromising a little, I tried it when I took a bath, without squeezing extra moisture from my hair after washing it. I didn’t get the “cooling effect” at all, but perhaps my bath was just too warm? It did make my hair feel soft and smell nice, so I’m not unhappy with the result, but it hasn’t blown me away, either.

Would I buy it? No, not for £14.99. Aussie does a hair mask that doesn’t ask me to faff about so much and that smells even better. I’ll stick to that.

Batiste 2in1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner Vanilla & Passionflower, full-size rrp. £4.49


Uuuuuuuggggghhhh. I hate Batiste! Even having been impressed with the volumizing spray we got in June’s box, I still hate Batiste. In fairness, I’ve never yet found a dry shampoo that I don’t hate (which is a pain for a woman who tries to avoid washing her hair too often) but Batiste is particularly bad. Still, apparently, they’ve changed some of their formulas lately, so against my better judgement I gave it a go. It ruined my day. Not only did it do nothing to remove the appearance of oiliness (never mind actually removing the oil) it actually made my hair worse. Lank. Dead. Flat. Never again.

Would I buy it? It’s going straight in the bin. I’m not even giving this away. I don’t want to do that to anyone.

Rodial Suede Lips, rrp. £22


On the plus side, I love this. This is a gorgeous, deep, rich colour. Its formula is velvety smooth and I find it lasts pretty well too. The shade actually suits me but it’s a little bold for everyday wear, so it’s going to be my new go-to lip colour for Friday and Saturday nights when I’m not in the mood for bright red.

Would I buy it? £22 is a bit steep but I’d probably splash out as a treat. I definitely want to check out the other shades available in the range.


So there you go, some hits, some misses, but overall not the worst box ever. Worth it just for that lip colour to be honest. Now if they could only deliver some actual sunshine…


5 thoughts on “Glossybox unboxing – August 17

  1. I possibly shouldn’t even ask, but what is makeup fixer? Is it fixing in the sense of making un-broken, or in the sense of making fast? Or something else entirely?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fixing as is making fast in the sense that it’ll last longer without needing touching up.
      With this and the twitter chat about cosmetics the other day you’re going to end up a pro 😛


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