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August Roundup

August went by far too quickly (and was surprisingly cold and rainy). Here’s hoping for a more relaxed and warmer September.

Financial status: I’m still making up for a few weeks of not being employed in between jobs but things are looking up.

Mostly wearing: Suits and smart things at work, pyjamas the minute I get home

Mostly eating: Too much! Need another health kick to remind myself about the whole “balance” thing

Mostly drinking: Yes. Yes, I suppose you could say that I have mostly been drinking.

Mostly buying: Currency for Octoberfest next month. The exchange rate on Euros makes me weep.

Steps taken: ~400,000

Major events:

Reading done: Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd, and I’m most of the way through both Earth: The Power of the Planet by Iain S Stewart and Fundamentals of Patent Drafting by Paul Cole

Films watched: Tickled and V for Vendetta, both on Netflix. The latter because after I’d read the graphic novel I wanted to remind myself of the movie. I really need to get back to the cinema soon.

Netflix and Chill. Because who can afford a TV license and heating?

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