Glossybox unboxing – September ’17

Oh, this is late, I know, I’m sorry. It was delivered while I was out and the postie left a note but then I couldn’t get it redelivered until I got back from my trip to Germany and here we are. Forgive me, I’ll do better next month. Let’s not waste any more time, shall we? Let’s just see what was inside?


Well, it turns out that I’ve now been subscribing to Glossybox for a full year! Technically, it’s longer, but last year I had a break in between the 6-month subscription that P got me for Christmas ending, and my signing up for a full regular subscription myself. Even so, it’s now a full continuous year and, to mark the occasion, Glossybox included a thank you card and a cute little notebook in the box. How sweet. They also sent a Kinder Bueno, but I don’t think that was part of the Year One celebrations (although it was no less appreciated).

Taylor’s 32 Flavoured Natural Whitening Toothpaste, rrp. £5


Toothpaste? You’ve sent me toothpaste? Well… thanks, I guess? It seems a weird thing to receive – not what I’d consider an exciting beauty product and certainly not what I’d consider a treat. Still, I guess it makes a change from Colgate. The grapefruit flavour is weird at first but the paste is still minting thanks to the peppermint. After the initial strangeness, the result is quite refreshing and my teeth do feel clean. I think switching up your toothpaste every now and then is probably a good thing and that this is a good option to do it with.

Would I buy it? I dunno. My initial thought is that £5 is a bit steep for toothpaste. On the other hand, it’s pretty good, and it’s not as if I go through a tube of toothpaste every week. Plus, y’know, hella hipster points. So… maybe.

Pixi by Petra brow tamer, rrp. £12


Brow tamer is a bit of a more expected kind of a product, although even my brows aren’t exactly what I’d call “un-tame.” Wild? I don’t know. So I was a bit sceptical about this product but I gave it a go anyway and you know what? I actually really like it. It’s a classic case of something I definitely don’t need but still want. It’s a lot like a mascara or a gel and it just keeps everything nice and smooth.

Would I buy it? With it being something I like but don’t need, I’ll probably end up using it almost every day that I wear makeup, planning to replace it and then totally forgetting but you never know.

Skinfix hand repair cream, rrp. £12.99


Hand cream always makes me happy, especially at this time of year when the colder weather starts doing its best to shred my skin. This one has an especially rich formula and would, no doubt, do my skin a world of good. It’s also unscented and has been designed with people who suffer from eczema in mind. I don’t have eczema, and I prefer scented hand creams, but perhaps I’ll pass it on to someone.

Would I buy it? There’s nothing at all wrong with this hand cream. It’s a good hand cream. But because I like hand cream I have tonnes of the stuff, most of it at a lower price point than the (admittedly not totally bonkers) £12.99 this costs. So, no, I wouldn’t bother, but not necessarily because it’s not worth it.

Stylondon Siligel Blender (Clear). rrp. £5.99


I get the obsession with beauty blenders, I really do, I just don’t share it. Sure, with a little practise and skill you can do wonders with them, and this one is better than most because it’s not a sponge, so it doesn’t absorb the makeup (which I consider a colossal waste) but it still feels totally unnecessary and I don’t think it really adds anything. I’ll stick to blending my makeup with my fingers (although I add powder with brushes) for now, thanks.

Would I buy it? £5.99 is a good price for this item, I just don’t want one.

MONU Skincare MONU Firming Fiji Facial Oil, full-size rrp. £26


Whoop! First things first, this is a lovely facial oil. It’s delicate, gorgeously scented and feels really luxurious to use (although to be fair, most facial oils I’ve tried do feel pretty darned luxurious). I am, in short, a fan. Here’s my complaint: This is a stupid container for this product. On first use, I nearly spilled half the bottle and ended up using way more than I wanted to. You want to use facial oil sparingly; a little goes a long way. This needs to be in a bottle where you can easily dispense just a few drops. Get it sorted, MonuSkin.

Would I buy it? Oh it’s just a bit steep, isn’t it? It is good, though and, as I say, a little would go a long way. Maybe as a payday treat or something. And if their full-size bottle has a more sensible dispensing mechanism.

5 thoughts on “Glossybox unboxing – September ’17

    1. It’s not bad actually, kind of weird at first but I’ve got used to it.

      Eyebrow tamer is a little bit like hair gel, in that it keeps everything in place, but it’s not quite as strong and you apply it more like a colourless mascara. It is definitely unecessary but I guess it’s fine?


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