September Roundup

Things have already been feeling very Autumnal this September in Falkirk. It’s getting chilly, wet and windy and, as they say, the nights are fair drawing in.

Financial status: September is always an expensive month because we tend to set insurance, broadband, TV licenses and any changes to utility providers at this time of year. Wherever possible, we like to pay for the full year ahead because it usually works out cheaper in the long run, but that does make things a bit tight for a while. Oh, and we went to Octoberfest as well. Safe to say I am skint.

Mostly wearing: An extra layer or two. Already! September has been decidedly chilly in my neck of the woods. We’ll be putting the heating on soon for sure.

Mostly eating: Brunch! Rhys recently pointed out that I brunch a lot. He is correct. I would brunch more if I could.

Mostly drinking: Coffee, but not pumpkin spice lattes because they taste of air freshener and artificial sweeteners. Don’t @ me.

Mostly buying: TV license, home insurance, line rental, all that boring stuff. Also German beer, which is at least slightly less boring.

Steps taken: ~400,000

Major events:

  • P’s cousin D got married!
  • Octoberfest

Reading done: Earth: The Power of the Planet by Iain S Stewart, Fundamentals of Patent Drafting by Paul Cole, The Miss Marple Stories by Agatha Christie, The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan, The Waves by Virginia Woolf and I’m part-way through House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski (at last!) and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

Films watched: Mindhorn (on Netflix). I am so bad at watching films lately. I need to get on that.

-Have you heard of Murphy’s Law

-Yes, anything can go wrong will go wrong

-What’s about Cole’s law?


-It’s a thin-slice cabbage dressed in mayonnaise and sour cream

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