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Dinner at Mariachi, Edinburgh

P’s birthday was last Friday! We planned that the two of us would go out for dinner on Friday night, then go see some friends on Saturday, then go see his family on Sunday. I say, “we planned” but P hates planning and it was his birthday, so what I really mean is, I planned. Luckily, I like planning.

I made a shortlist of Italian, Indian and Mexican restaurants for him to choose from, those being his three favourite cuisines, and he selected Mariachi’s. So, after work on Friday, and after a few drinks in The Hanging Bat, we wandered to Edinburgh’s grass market to find Mariachi’s in time for our 8 pm reservation.

Frozen Margarita

Now, there’s a very good reason why he decided he wanted Tex Mex, and a very good reason why he decided on Mariachi’s specifically, and that reason is Frozen Margaritas. When we lived in Glasgow we’d go to Bibi’s for these. Now we live in Falkirk there isn’t really a restaurant that I know of that offers them (although I’m hearing rumours, so watch this space). Since we’re both working in Edinburgh, that presented a chance to find somewhere that does them and does them well. The good news is: Mariachi’s fits the bill.

Chips and dip

Once we’d ordered those we had a quick look at the menu, but it didn’t take us long to choose. We decided to share chips and dip to start, P ordered chicken fajitas (sans sour cream and guacamole because he’s basically a terrible person) and I ordered the garlic and lime grilled chicken breast which was served with Mexican rice, salsa, guac and salad. Yum.


The chips were almost weirdly good. Like, I was basically just expected salted nacho chips from a bag but these were clearly homemade from fried tortillas. They were served still warm with a good, chunky, hot tomato salsa and a semi-smooth guacamole. It was the perfect portion size for sharing between two with just the right amount to get your appetite going but leave you wanting more.


P’s fajitas were served as expected, on a sizzling platter with wraps, cheese and salsa (I’m still bitter about him rejecting the sour cream and guac tbh). I stole a piece of chicken – it was fairly spicy, tender and juicy and it looked like it came with plenty of red and orange peppers in the mix.


Garlic and lime grilled chicken


Meanwhile, my chicken was char-grilled, perfectly cooked and complimented the Mexican rice, salsa and salad in all the right ways. I’d been looking for something a little less indulgent than the burrito or enchilada I would normally order at this kind of place and this option exactly fit the bill – I was left satisfied (if I’m honest I couldn’t finish it all) without feeling like I’d over-eaten or been exceptionally unhealthy.


If you don’t end a meal with an espresso does it even really count as eating?


I finished the meal with a lovely little espresso while P couldn’t resist a second frozen Margarita. The whole thing, including the tip, came in just under £60 which is maybe slightly pricey, but if you will drink cocktails with your dinner that’s what happens. In any case, I certainly didn’t feel we’d paid over the odds and I’m pretty certain we’ll be back again soon.

3 thoughts on “Dinner at Mariachi, Edinburgh

  1. Great post. I have been trying for YEARS to talk my wife into going to Edinburgh (one of my favorite towns in the world) but she would always ask if there is good food and I would have to mumble/answer, “No, not really…” Looks like Edinburgh’s food scene has kicked it up a notch, so I have something to show her now!

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