November roundup

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Yeah yeah, I know it’s still November but the Edinburgh Christmas market has now opened and there are stalls right outside the office. Christmas lights are up in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Falkirk and I have already done a whole bunch of my Christmas shopping, even if I haven’t done much wrapping yet. I am getting into the Festive spirit and I am getting into it hard.

Financial status: Although I know December will be expensive I feel like I’m starting to get a grip on things now. Insisting on taking sandwiches for lunch at work rather than buying things (expect when the Christmas market it too tempting) is making a difference.

Mostly wearing: Thick socks. Also hat, scarf and gloves.

Mostly eating: Pretty well, actually. I feel like I’m being healthy enough most of the time that I can get away with treating myself occasionally.

Mostly drinking: More coffee than can possibly be good for a person. Partly for caffeine, partly for warmth, partly because I asked P to pick some up and he never drinks it so accidentally got extra fancy stuff.

Mostly buying: Christmas presents! Ho ho ho!

Steps taken: ~360,000. Up a bit on last month.

Major events:

  • P started his new job (and is loving it)
  • P’s birthday
  • I became the joint regional representative of The Informals (an organisation for trainee patent attorneys) in Central Scotland

Reading done: Nutshells English Legal System by Penny Darbyshire, Concentrate: Intellectual Property Law by Tim Press, Savant by Nik Abnett, Fat is a Feminist Issue (volumes I and II) and I’m part-way through House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski (still! It’s a monster!), Nutshells Tort by Vera Birmingham, Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov and Brighton Rock by Graham Greene

Films watched: Thor Ragnarok, The Battle of the Sexes


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