Glossybox Unboxing – December 2017

As the year comes to a close I’m trying to keep my skin in decent condition with as much moisturiser as it can reasonably asorb in order to fight against the weather. On the other hand, I’m also excited by anything remotely sparkly because It’s Nearly Christmas!! And yeah, I do get quite into it. I know from past boxes that the Glossybox December edition is usually fairly Christmassy and tends to feel quite luxurious, so obviously I was looking forward to opening it.

As expected, the box was gorgeous, and it’s also one of the few recent boxes where I’ve been a fan of every item (still don’t have a lot of use for eyeshadow palettes, but at least this was a lovely one). It even came with a pack of Rafello, which is always a winner. So, let’s check it out.

Naobay Equilibria Gel to Milk Cleanser, rrp. £15.99


Usually I’m a fan of Naobay but this product is distinctly weird. It’s a yellow, tacky kind of a gel. The Glossies call it a “golden gel [that] transforms into a softening cleansing milk on contact with water.” Maybe this wouldn’t be true for people who haven’t worked with ultrahigh vacuum equipment, but it really reminds me of vacuum grease. Smells better, though, and it does dissolve in water. Perhaps not quite to a milk, but yeah. Anyway, I guess it cleanses fine but it was a bit too moisturising for a cleanser for me. I felt like my skin was a bit oily after using it and I ended up using my regular cleanser as well. Maybe I’ll like it better after a few goes.

Would I buy it? Probably not…

Laqa & Co Cloud Lips in Daydream, rrp. £12.70


This is a gorgeous colour, a kind of  deep, dusky, almost red pink shade, and it’s pretty long-lasting too. Maybe not as long-lasting as they eyeliner in this box, but my eyes don’t drink wine, so on balance it doesn’t do badly. the formula is smooth and velvety and it’s all just very wearable. I am a fan.

Would I buy it? I seriously might. I’d have to check out some of their other shades.

Profusion Runway Eye Collection, in Berry Bloom rrp. £3.75


I seriously cannot believe you can get a pallette this good for such a low price. I’m also amused that when it’s closed it looks like this collection is called Berry Blood. I would totally wear Berry Blood eyeshadow. As tends to be the case with these things, some shades are more wearable than others but, on the occasions I do wear eyeshadow, I can see my self reaching for at least half of these colours.

Would I buy it? I could never justify it, even at this low price, given how rarely I wear eyeshadow. I would recommend it, though.

Steve Laurant Precision Tip Eyeliner, rrp. £18


Is this the perfect black eyeliner to help me get the perfect cat eye flick? The one I have been searching for all these years? It could be! It also does not budge. I wore it out to a Mogwai concert and at the end of the night it looked just as good as when I first put it on. This is really well pigmented (no need to draw over the same line a few times to get that jet black darkness that you crave) and would probably look sharp as hell if I could get my hands to stop shaking when I try to apply it.

Would I buy it? This is one of those examples where you get what you pay for. £18 is steep for an eyeliner and I’ll cry when it runs out, but it’s definitely worth the price. I think I’ll replace it when I’ve used it up.

Ecodenta Extra Black Whitening Toothpaste with Black Charcoal & Teavigo, rrp. £4.49


Hah! I always think it’s funny when Glossybox sends toothpast. This is a black charcoal one and Ivagely remeber trying a black carcoal one before, by Lush, that I really didn’t get on with. This is much better even if it is weird to put black stuff on your thetth to whiten them, it works as well as any other toothpaste and is pleasingly kooky. It’s minty, with possibly a hint of the tea extract (teavigo) and, in short, I’m a fan.

Would I buy it? Eh, maybe. It’s fine but it’s nearly a fiver. I’ll probably stick to Colgate.

So that’s the lot, the last Glossybox of the year! Also the last Glossybox for me, full stop. I’ve hinted on and off that I might cancel my subscription and while this was a fairly strong box, on average I’ve been getting less impressed as time goes on with the items that I receive. I feel like I’ve tried enough stuff that they send me and I’d be better off just going out and choosing things formyself at this point. So, last week, I cancelled my subscription.

However! I still love receiving a treat in the post once a month, so I’ll be trying something a bit different in the new year. Watch this space.


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