Favourite TV shows of 2017

I’m always rubbish at watching TV but I like to think that I’m (perhaps very slowly) getting better. Mostly with P’s help. In spite of struggling to sit still for more than 15 minutes without getting distracted by something, I have managed to get through just a few series, many of which I loved. Here’s my round up of my favourites:

Favourite TV series of 2017

10. Archer Dreamland

9. Harlots S1

8. Suits S1

7. Orphan Black S5

6. Mindhunter S1

5. Stranger Things S2

4. Luke Cage S1

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events S1

2. Glow S1

1. American Gods S1

AND! This is ignoring a Hap and Leonard S1, The Wire S1 (I know this has a massive following, I think I just didn’t get it, still thinking about it though), The Staircase, and more! I haven’t even finished Kimmy Schmidt or The Handmaid’s Tale (although I totally plan to before the year is out). See, I really am getting better at watching TV. Next year I won’t even be able to choose what my favourites were.


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