Favourite events of 2017

Let’s continue with the year in review posts, shall we? We’ve already had favourite beauty products, favourite books (both fiction and nonfiction), favourite movies and TV shows, and places visted and instagram posts and I’ve nearly (but not quite) run out. Now it’s time for favourite events.

This year was particularly wonderful for the events I was lucky enough to attend. This is also one list where I’m sure that I’ve forgotten something, but I can’t quite put my finger on what. It’ll probably come to me when this post goes live. Oh well, guess there’s an edit on the horizon. Anyway, let’s get on with it!

10. Sue Perkins at the Glasgow Comedy Festival

9. Falkirk Fireworks

8. The Addams Family

7. The Red Shoes

6. Bard in the Botanics: Timon of Athens

5. Glasgow Pride

4. The Nutcracker

3. Graduation

2. Mogwai

1. A Weekend of Weddings

What a year it has been! And, with more weddings, more music and more theatre coming up in 2018 I’m pleased to say that I have a lot to look forward to!


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