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100 happy days

Lately, I’ve seen a few people popping up on my social media feeds with the hashtag 100happydays. Intrigued, I looked it up and discovered I’m about 3 years (ok, it is now 2018 I guess… 4 years) late to the game on this one.

Basically, it does what it says on the tin. Each day for 100 days you post a photo of something that makes you happy along with the hashtag, the idea being to help you appreciate the little things more, and to take the time to actually enjoy yourself.


#100happydays day 1 – 010118: The table at my mother’s home set for a New Year’s meal.


Detractors have the usual objections they have to social media. You know, those people who object to others posting photos of their coffees? “Who cares?” They will moan. Well, I care. I happy to actually like the people I follow and if they’re enjoying a cup of coffee I am very happy for them. I like hearing from my friends because they’re, well, my friends.


#100happydays day 2 – 020118: A cup of tea in a real tea cup with the world’s most adorable biscuit.


Anyway, before this becomes a bit of a strop, back to #100happydays. We are supposed to be positive afterall. Ahem. So, I thought it would be fun to try. I’m a pretty happy person on average, so it’s the kind of challenge that might be a bit of a cheat. Then again, capturing what it actually is that makes me so happy in the form of a single Instgram frame could be tricky, so there’s that.


#100happydays day 3 – 030181: A real coal fire.


My plan is to start on 1st January as a kind of extra New Year’s Resolution thing. Not that I don’t have plenty of those already, but who’s keeping track? I’ll post the photos to Instagram complete with the tag and a comment, but I’ll also add them to the end of my posts here, possibly in clusters since I don’t quite post daily any more.


#100happydays day 4 – 040118: An Old Fashioned at the local before the pub quiz started.


Anyone who’d like to join in is more than welcome and if you let me know you’re playing along I’ll absolutely follow what you post, so give me a nudge. At the end of the challenge I’ll probably do some kind of a round up.

Ok, let’s see just how happy we can get.

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