Book review: Fat is a Feminist Issue

Disclaimer: It bothers me that I’m posting a review of this kind of book in January, when I know that the diet industry is at it’s most insidious and disgusting. Please don’t see this as a support of that. One of the good things about this book is that it attacks that very industry and… Continue reading Book review: Fat is a Feminist Issue

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Favourite new things I tried in 2017

Every month I set myself the challeng of trying 5 new things. They can be big things like visiting a country for the first time, or small things like trying a new app or a new type of food. Even so, to find 5 every month can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, and… Continue reading Favourite new things I tried in 2017

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August Roundup

August went by far too quickly (and was surprisingly cold and rainy). Here’s hoping for a more relaxed and warmer September. Financial status: I’m still making up for a few weeks of not being employed in between jobs but things are looking up. Mostly wearing: Suits and smart things at work, pyjamas the minute I get home… Continue reading August Roundup