December roundup

It’s the last round up/status report of the year! December, as perhaps should be expected, has been a bit of a whirlwind this year and January is already looking like it’s going to follow suit (I really must start blocking out one weekend a month during which I will do nothing). However, I will do… Continue reading December roundup

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August Roundup

August went by far too quickly (and was surprisingly cold and rainy). Here’s hoping for a more relaxed and warmer September. Financial status: I’m still making up for a few weeks of not being employed in between jobs but things are looking up. Mostly wearing: Suits and smart things at work, pyjamas the minute I get home… Continue reading August Roundup

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June roundup

Financial status: Better than you’d imagine from a person who now technically doesn’t have a job, but not exactly adding to my savings either. Mostly wearing: Very casual clothes. I’m in some weird annual leave/unemployed limbo until 17th July. It’s amazing. Mostly eating: Entirely too much. What with leaving do’s, catching up with old friends, and graduating I… Continue reading June roundup