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New things I tried in July

As usual, last month I was going out of my way to try new things. It’s a habit I strongly recommend and I always enjoy looking back at the end of the month to see what I’ve been able to try.

In July I tried:

1. Working as a trainee patent attorney


I wear much smarter clothes now.


I started working at Alistair Hindle Associates in Edinburgh on 17th of July and so far I’ve absolutely loved every single minute. It’s challenging and I spend a lot of my time having no idea what I’m doing, but since I’m a trainee that’s pretty much expected and everyone has been really friendly, helpful and encouraging.

2. Attending weddings


Ok, so I’ve technically been to one wedding before, but I was a little kid and I don’t remember, so it doesn’t count. This month I attended not one but two weddings! Firstly, P’s sister got married, and secondly (the very next day) Rhys and Louise got married! It was exactly as wonderful as I’d imagined, even if I was totally knackered by the Sunday.

3. Painting pottery


Let’s just say my creative talents lie elsewhere, shall we?


When I visited Leeds at the start of the month my sister took me to Honey Pottery in Horsforth and I demonstrated my lack of talent with brushes and paints. It was fun, though! I’d definitely do it again.

4. Visiting Falkirk’s Farmers’ Market


There was some risk that this would never happen because the market runs 11 am – 3 pm on the first Friday of each month and I have a job. Very inconvenient, I know. However, since I’d taken a few weeks off between finishing my previous job and starting my new job, I was able to go to their July event and it was excellent, which is a shame because I’m unlikely to get to go again.

5. Studying law

Ok, so this is related to item 1 but unlike, for example, “wearing a suit” or “commuting to Edinburgh” I think it merits its own category because I’m doing it in my own time. Since I’ll have to pass exams one day I’m trying to get a bit of a head start in my studies so I’ve been reading A Practical Guide to Drafting Patents and attempting to rote learn a few sections of the Patents Act. It’s possible that there’s something wrong with me, but I’m really enjoying it. I don’t promise that this will last.

5 thoughts on “New things I tried in July

  1. You always manage to get impressive New Things. I’m struggling this month. I manned a helpdesk for the first time and went to see Measure For Measure, a play I’ve never seen before. Oh, and I saw a dialogue-less film (The Red Turtle) That’s about it, and that’s scraping the barrel a bit.

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