Product review: TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner

Since last summer I have been colouring my hair. Usually blue. Blue, blue-green, blue-purple, galaxy hair, unicorn hair, all blue. Lately, for various reasons, I’ve started weaning myself off the blue. I’ve got a good layer of brown hair on top and a layer of blue hair underneath. In all likelihood, it’ll be all brown within a month or two.

I’ve had a great time having wonderful, bright hair colours, but even going back to brown means that my hair is coloured because rather than bleaching the blue out (difficult and potentially damaging) my hairdresser simply died brown on top of it. If I want the colour to look good, it’s well worth my time and effort to really make sure I’m taking care of my hair.

I got an “Epic Size” set of these for Christmas and I couldn’t feel luckier

Before I started dying my hair I conducted an experiment into not washing it as often. At the time, I was washing it every single day, sometimes twice a day. During the experiment, I tried washing it every other day, every three days, and eventually just once a week. I wanted to wash it less often without it getting gross. After the experiment and dying my hair blue, I settled into a routine where I wash it every other day. That seems to work for me.

So, with all of this in mind, I can whole-heartedly recommend TIGI’s Bed Head Colour Goddess shampoo and the matching conditioner. I don’t know what it is about them, but they are really, really kind to dyed hair. Unlike the Body Shop’s Rainforest Balance Shampoo for Oily hair, which I’d been using previously and totally loved, the shampoo really lathers up nicely. Probably that means they’re using sulphates, but it doesn’t seem to irritate my scalp so I can’t say that I mind. If you have really sensitive skin you’re probably better choosing something sulphate free or washing your hair even less often.

Even immediately after having the hair dyed, I noticed less colour running out of my hair than with other shampoos (including the Body Shop, Herbal Essences and Aussie shampoos that I’ve tried). I don’t think that’s me being less observant, I just think the formula has been carefully designed to remove dirt and oil but not pigment and that’s got to be a good thing.

I usually want quite a lot of the conditioner but I’m generally a heavy user of conditioner anyway – my hair is prone to tangling. I think I’ll probably end up running out of the conditioner before I run out of the shampoo as a result. No biggie, that basically always happens to me. In any case, I find that it’s good for helping me to detangle my hair and it leaves it feeling soft.

Oh, and a major bonus? Using these products seems to leave my hair that little bit less frizzy than other things I’ve tried. Now, it’s possible this is due to other things, perhaps the chemicals in the dyes I’m using at the moment are smoothing my hair down a bit, I’m not sure. Still, I’m seeing that as a good thing right now.

Finally, they smell great. And the scent lasts. Every now and then I’ll take my hair out of a ponytail at the end of the day and get a waft of shampoo scent and feel clean and beautiful and glamorous. Is that just me? I’ll take it.

I’ll be sad when I get to the bottom of the bottles.

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