Let’s connect!

I love social media. I don’t understand all of social media but I do pretty much love all of it. It occurs to me that I might not have connected with all of you lovely people in all of the ways that I could. That makes me sad. Want to fix it?

Let's connect
Yeah, even I don’t use all of these. Image credit: Pixabay

Here’s what I suggest. I’m going to post links to every social media account that I can think of and that I’m (at least occasionally) active on. If you want to follow/friend me that would be fab. However – don’t just rely on me to instantly realise that you’ve done that. If I don’t currently follow you on a platform and you think I should, then drop a link in the comments.

Sound good? Cool, let’s go:

Twitter: @BeckyDouglas

Instagram: BeckyDouglas1 Beckyknowsbest

Library Thing: Becky Douglas

Quora: Becky Douglas

Pinterest: BeckyDouglas1

WordPress: In Becky’s Head (obviously)

Good Reads: BeckyDouglas

Yelp: Rebecca D

…Not gonna lie, it’s pretty weird to have a blog post with my name appearing on it that many times. Oh well.

So, where should I find you?


5 thoughts on “Let’s connect!

  1. I’d love to get your thoughts on a writing I did on a visit through Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s on my WordPress. I’m told I come from the area, or did, hundreds of years ago. Enjoyed your posts!

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