Bye bye blue hair

Oh, it’s been a long time coming, I know, but last week I finally took the plunge and dyed the last of my blue hair back to brown. This proved to be something of a challenge.

I had to get it done in something of a hurry. I’ll explain why in a future post, sorry for vagueness now. But that meant that I couldn’t go to my usual favourite hair colour experts at Salon Number 659 in Glasgow, because they have a waiting list that’s three weeks long, at best. Instead, I wandered across to a recently opened salon in Falkirk, JM Hair, and they managed to fit me in the very next day.


IMG_20170414_173022_331 (1)
The result: Brown hair


We started off by putting a red stain through my hair to balance out the blue, then we put a brown dye on top of that. It looked great! Then, we shampooed and… ok, so my hair wasn’t as blue as it had been, but there was a definite blue/green tinge to it. That’s the problem with these really vibrant colours – they stick. I won’t fully get rid of the blue until I’ve grown it out and chopped it off.

Nevertheless, we persisted. A second round of reddish dye covered the blue nicely and gave me some glorious reddish depth to the brown which I loved. Seriously, it’s gorgeous. Sadly, three washes later, the blue/green was definitely becoming visible again.

So I went back for another top up. Apparently, as I keep adding dye, while some of it will always wash out, some of it will always stay. With each iteration, there will be more of the red/brown that stays in my hair. It might take a fair few goes, but eventually, we’ll get there. Hopefully.

Right now my hair is reddish brown and gorgeous, and I’ve been advised to find a shampoo and conditioner with some red in it, like Colour Revive by Osmo, so I’m going to give that a go. Hopefully, that will help the colour last longer, as will avoiding washing my hair too often, which is something I already do (and can probably do even more since Glossybox sent me a cleansing conditioner).

So here’s hoping that the colour will hold. If not, who knows, maybe I’ll go for a pixie cut or something. Watch this space.

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