Favourite places visited in 2017

Continuing the Year in Review post from Monday’s summary of my favourite movies from 2017, today’s post is about my favourite trips in 2017. All the most wonderful places I was lucky enough to visit, now matter how close or far away, nor how long I visited for.

Here’s the list:

8. Ayr

7. Loch Lomond

6. Aviemore

5. Loch Tay

4. Amsterdam

3. Arran

2. Munich

1. Dubrovnik

Ok, so I went to Munich twice, but the more fun visit was definitely Octoberfest. I always want to do more travelling, but this isn’t a bad collection of little trips. In particular I was impressed with how easy it was to spend a weekend on Arran on the spur of the moment, and I definitely hope to see more Scottish islands in 2018.

Where did you visit this year? Anywhere particularly wonderful? I’m always looking for an excuse to do more travelling, you know.

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