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Favourite restaurants visited in 2017

Life is too short to visit the same restaurant every time, even if there’s nothing wrong with having favourites. This year I’ve been lucky enough to visit some absolute gems, some of which I admit to having been to more than once, and which I’m likely to keep returning to over and over. My absolute top ten favourites were as follows:

10. Horn Please, Glasgow

9. Colquhoun’s, Luss

8. Mozza, Glasgow

7. The Basement Bar, Edinburgh

6. Le Chalet Beaumartin, Glasgow

5. Tanjore, Edinburgh

4. ‘Babs Glasgow

3. The Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore

2. Canada Wood Kitchen, Falkirk

1. Konoba Dubrovnik, Lopud Island

Oh it has been a delicious year! The restaurants I visited more than once were Canada Wood, ‘Babs, Le Chalet Beaumartin, and Horn Please. Aren’t I lucky? It’s just a pity that Konoba Dubrovnik isn’t a little closer to home.

I’m quite pleased that I’m getting better at eating in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Falkirk now. Last year, in spite of moving to Falkirk, we bearly tried the restaurants and only made it to Edinburgh once or twice. Not that Glasgow isn’t full of amazing places to eat (it is) but I’m glad to have tried other places too.

Have you had any absolute food highlights this year? Let me know!

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