Minigame review: Traveller IQ Challenge

Some of you may remember this old game doing the rounds on Facebook back in… oh, 2006? 2007? I recently rediscovered it and remembered why I found it so fun.

The idea is that you are presented with a map, the game will name a location – maybe a city or a famous site of some kind, and challenge you to click on its location on the map. You get points for both speed and proximity to the true location.


Quite aside from just being an addictive and fun way to procrastinate, it’s surprisingly educational. Sure, it’s being sneaky about it, but you’d be amazed how much you can learn, and how quickly. By now I’ve forgotten a lot of what I knew when my obsession with the game was in its late stages, but I went from someone who knew almost no geography in terms of where things are, to someone who could accurately point to every country in Africa.

So, where’s Suriname? Jokes on you if you took my bait and thought, “Africa.” Where in China is Tiannaman Square? Where’s New Delhi? Can you point to it to within 100 km? Do you kind of wish you could?


Once you start getting the harder questions right you see why it becomes addictive – you just want to keep on improving. Besides, isn’t it kind of embarassing to act like you’re pretty well informed about say, the situation in The Ukraine, but not be 100% sure whether Kiev is in the North or the South of the country? You owe it to youself to sort that out; you might as well have fun while you’re doing it.

Here’s the link. You’re welcome.

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