R and D’s Wedding Reception

This is turning out to be one Hell of a year for weddings. Only a couple of weeks ago we attended two weddings in one weekend and now, just last Friday we were at the reception for a third one. It’s wonderful to be able to help my friends celebrating their relationships. Plus, y’know, I love cake.


As with all the weddings I’ve been to this year, excellent style and taste was demonstrated


So on Friday, we arrived at the Trades Hall in Glasgow, a beautiful old building of the kind that you really only find in the Merchant city. It dates back to 1605 and is, apart from the Cathedral, the oldest building in Glasgow still used for its original purpose. When the Trades House aren’t meeting there they hire it out for other events, including weddings, and it makes a very impressive venue.

We arrived, found a seat (and the bar) and were soon ushered back outside for an enormous group photo (I haven’t see the photos yet but I’m sure they’ll follow soon). Then back inside we went for the first dance. I’m starting to note a trend in these weddings: every first dance makes me want to cry. Am I a hopeless romantic now? It’s possible.

We spent the rest of the evening catching up with friends we hadn’t seen for a while, dancing, chatting, eating cake, playing with photo props, signing wedding books and all the rest. Being able to celebrate with R and D was wonderful. They’ve always been one of those couples who are obviously delighted to be together and I have no doubt that that will continue forever.


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