New things I tried in July

It’s that time of month again! At the end of each month I discuss new things I’ve been trying in the past ~30 days, usually aiming for five items. This is part of what was one of my New Year’s Resolutions this year: Try new things. That said, I think I’ll probably just keep it going when we get to 2017 because it’s quite good fun.

If you want to read about the new things I tried in previous months you can find them here: January | February | March | April | May | June.

Ok? Let’s go!

  1. Cycling. Ok, I’ve cycled before but very short distances and with extreme terror. Thanks to my partner’s efforts and gentle coaxing, I’ve now been out on a bike a couple of times to some of Glasgow’s parks that would be hard for me to reach without one. I’ve even had fun. It’s very odd.Cycling
  2. Taking advantage of the Fergusson Bequest. It turns out some chap named Fergusson once left some money to the University of Glasgow to make sure that its staff could go out and do things in their spare time. Things like visiting Edinburgh Zoo, or going to the gym. So far I’ve only done the latter but I plan to try more (and I’ll write more on this when I do).
  3. Attending a beer launch. I was invited along to the launch of Pabst Blue Ribbon in Scotland. I understand it’s quite a well known beer in the US but in Scotland you’d be hard pressed to find it. They hired a hipster warehouse in Finnieston and filled it with skateboarders, a DJ, cheese burgers and… obviously beer. I’ve never been to a beer launch before but I think I recommend it. Again, more on this later.

    Not sure if skateboarding and beer is a good mix but they seemed to be having fun
  4. King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. I have lived in Glasgow for very nearly 10 years and still had somehow never managed to arrange a visit to this famous music venue. Eventually I got round to it when my sister and her partner visited a couple of weeks ago. The first couple of bands were a little iffy but the headliners were a lot of fun. Incidentally, I’ll be back there tonight to see my friend’s band playing – Graeme Quinn and the Graeme Quintet.
  5. Pokemon Go. Yeah, me too. What can I say? It’s wonderful nostalgic fun and if it weren’t for my phone dying at the weekend I’d probably have a pretty good collection of pokemon on my hands by now. I’ll have some catching up to do soon.

There we go, I guess it’s been a pretty good month. Have you been trying anything new lately? Is there anything new that you think I just have to try? Let me know in the comments.

11 thoughts on “New things I tried in July

  1. Oh dear. I’m still one of those people who turn my nose up at the Pokemon Go players. I don’t understand the fascination although I know if I tried, I’d probably be hooked right away.

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