Five new things I tried in June

It’s very nearly the end of the month already. Is it me, or does June seem like it went by blindingly quickly? I mean, I know we’ve got a couple of days left, but still. Anyway, as is always the case at the end of the month, I’d like to share with you 5 new things I tried this month. If you’d like to read about things I tried in previous months you can find the past posts here:

January | February | March | April | May

  1. Blue hair! Well, of course. I got my long brown hair cut into a blunt bob and dyed peacock blue on 10th June and I’ve not looked back. It’s still making me so happy every time I catch sight of my reflection and although some people have taken to shouting “blue!” at me in the street, which is weird, most reactions have been good.20160610_154304.jpg
  2. A Glasgow Subcrawl. How I managed to get through nearly nine years of living in Glasgow before I got brave enough to attend a subcrawl I’m not sure. Having done it I can say it was a lot more fun than I’d anticipated but that was largely down to the brilliant crowd I tagged along with.The Subcrawl
  3. Getting my act together to deal with my ankle. I’ve finally finished aimlessly complaining and have started seeking medical attention. Unfortunately without much success except that I now know that I’m not making it worse by using it. So I went on my first run in about a year the other day – my calves complained for a week afterwards. I should probably do it again.
  4. Sweet potato and black bean stew. During my recent trip home to Leeds I stayed with my sister for an evening. She’s a vegetarian and often eats vegan food and was keen to introduce me to one of her favourite recipes. It was amazing. If not for the peanuts in with the stew (which my partner simply will not eat) I’d be steeling the recipe to take home to Glasgow with me.
  5. Attending a menu launch. I was invited along to the new menu launch at Bill’s in Glasgow. I’ve not attended a menu launch before. It was busy, far busier than the staff had expected, but they did their best and I got to try lots of lovely food and drink. I recommend attending this kind of thing if you get the chance.20160607_194659.jpg

All in all a fantastic month. Obviously I’m making one very unhappy omission here but I’m trying to stay positive today (i.e. I’m in denial). Here’s to next month being even better somehow!

14 thoughts on “Five new things I tried in June

  1. Steal the recipe and put it up here anyway :). I’m always looking for new tasty recipes.

    Oh, and I was thinking about the last one that I tried modifying (the paprika one). Although it didn’t work hugely well as it stood, I might try it again but use paneer instead of tofu. That might work better in terms of the flavours.

    Re the last sentence: the one positive thing that I’m taking away from all this is that our politicians up here are so much better than the ones down south!

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    1. I’ll ask her for it 🙂 let me know if you get the Paprika one right.
      I’ve just returned from a weekend in what is admittedly the best bit of Yorkshire and while it was nice to visit home it’s really great to be back among fans of the EU.


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