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New things I tried in November

This is part of the series of trying new things. Every month I challenge myself to try new things, however big or small those things may be. Sometimes it’ll just be a TV show or a recipe, sometimes it’ll be an event or an activity. Anything could happen. Then, I list five things I tried at the end of the month.

You can see previous months’ posts here:

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August and September are missing due to thesis madness. So, here’s what I tried in November:

Visiting Belgium


This was a brilliant little trip. We’d been planning a city break for ages and, since neither of us had been to Belgium before and we were both fans of waffles, beer and democracy, Belgium seemed the obvious choice. Our four days in Brussels were brilliant fun and gave us a much-needed break. Of course, I’m already planning our next holiday.

The BBC Good Food Show


I visited the BBC Good Food show with Rhys earlier this month. I’ve been a fan of BBC Good food for a while, I have a couple of the cookbooks and I’m forever visiting the website for recipe inspiration. We both enjoyed wandering around, trying samples and purchasing goodies. I’ll definitely look into getting tickets again next year.

Cognac and dijon beef stew

It’s getting awfully chilly lately and I was in dire need of something to warm me up. I’d been daydreaming about good beef stews for a while and, having recently rediscovered the Smitten Kitchen blog, I wondered if Deb had any good suggestions. Her recipe for cognac and dijon beef stew is perfect. Both decadent and warming, it makes you not mind the chill so much.



As a physicist, I spend most of my time in the lab or at my desk. Fieldwork is new to me and, although we had a couple of minor hiccups, my first experience of it was a lot of fun. Probably that’s partly because we were in the beautiful Campsie Fells for it on an incredibly blue-skied, crisp November day.


We finally caved! I haven’t blogged about this yet but P and I finally found a deal for a 1Tb PS4 with a bunch of games we actually wanted to play (CoD can get out). Having been disappointed before when a similar deal went out of stock we jumped and bought it. Because I’m currently studying for my viva I haven’t had much chance to use it yet, but I did play a quick round of Drive Club and I am excited to spend many evenings in the future with that and other games.

So that was my November. What new things have you been trying lately?


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